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How to use Water Soluble Wax Pastels (Neocolor ii)

Are you ready to create bold colourful pieces of art with Neocolor 2? Do you enjoy the immediacy of working with a tactile medium that you apply directly with your hands rather than with a brush?

In this course you will learn how to apply and blend Neocolor 2 to create beautiful paintings. We will work on 4 main projects: to create some bold cute characters, to create a colourful semi abstract face, to create a realistic parrot with texture in it’s feathers and we’ll create a loose, impressionistic canal scene.

We’ll also use Neocolor 2 to create some interesting backgrounds for your sketchbooks.

I’ll share some hints and tips I’ve learned on the way that will help you get started quickly. Plus we’ll have a bonus project to create a collage from some of the backgrounds that you create.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the following concepts:What materials work best with Neocolor 2

  • How to blend Neocolor 2
  • How to create bright and punchy paintings with Neocolor 2
  • How to create texture in Neocolor 2
  • How to use Neocolor 2 with mixed media
  • How to create sketchbook backgrounds with Neocolor 2
  • How to use Neocolor wet in wet

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