Welcome to today’s art podcast which is episode 101, and part 2 of our previous special 100th episode. To celebrate the 100 episodes, we invited you listeners to ask us anything… And we got so many questions, that we decided to make it into a special double episode! So today is part two

Ep 101 Ask Us Anything part 2

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The questions you asked us

  • How do you push through on those days/weeks when you’re like, ah, screw the podcast, I wanna draw instead?
  • Aside from Danny Gregory, who’s been your favourite artist to interview so far?
  • How did you guys meet?
  • Did your families support you in becoming artists?
  • When did you KNOW you had to do art?
  • If you were to have an artist mentor/ collaborator, who would that be?
  • If you could choose to learn an art process you haven’t experienced, what would it be and why?
  • How do you motivate yourself after you have done a really bad drawing (I’m no good at this, so why bother), after you have done a really great drawing (I’m never able to create anything this good ever again) or when you’re in a creative rut (I just don’t want to draw)?
  • What one thing, arty or otherwise, makes you passionately nostalgic? 🤔
  • Did your spouses ever resent the time you spent with your art?
  • If you had to paint the same thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
  • What about art competitions? I personally know some artists who make a living or at least get a decent amount of money taking part in contests
  • Would love some tips on setting up studio space – whether a small corner or a room in a house or something outside the home. How to do it on a limited budget? Any lessons learned from setting yours up? What would you change? what’s your ideal/dream set-up? Would you consider sharing space with other artists?
  • Do either of you get dirty while painting? I mean covered in paint ha ha! Or are you calm, careful and methodical in keeping clean and tidy as you go? Does your workstation stay pretty neat?
  • Do you get fed up with artwork!! Do you have periods when you don’t do any art...because you don’t want to. Do you feel the need to get away from everything arty for a day or two??
  • Do you have any art sessions ritualistic?… like lighting a candle, doing a short meditation or stretching the body etc?
  • Any Catastrophes! ? Leaving your acrylic paints out by mistake? Spilling coffee on your drawings? Not making the deadline? Unhappy customer?
  • What kind of art do you really dislike?
  • If you were to commission a piece of art from each other what would you ask for?
  • Is KITC anything like your original vision of how you hope it would be?
  • When you are creating a character how do you keep it consistent throughout the whole project
  • This is fabulous KITC! I’m interested in if you think it’s ok to only sell prints (in a limited quantity) of your work, and not always original too?
  • Do you follow the art prompts you create yourself or mostly enjoy creating them?
  • How do you find the time to balance following an art prompt with your daily life?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
  • How do you get past discouraging remarks?
  • How do you get past feeling no art inspiration?
  • If the formula for area, equals pi times the radius squared, R should stand for the radius measurement of the circle. Meaning the formula is area equal to pi R squared. So, working from that, how many crisps should you get in a 300gm packet? Whole ones included?

Thank you so much for all your questions and for supporting the podcast.

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