In Today’s podcast we’re talking about the biggest mistakes beginner artists often make. If we look back to when we first started creating art, with the benefit of hindsight we might have done some things differently. Even now with more experience we still make a lot of mistakes eg. does anyone else not want to start a new sketchbook for fear of “ruining it”?

Ep 90 The Biggest Mistakes Beginner Artists Make

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Some of the things we discuss in the Podcast

How when you are older you may

  • Trying to run before you can walk and skipping art fundamentals
  • Watching every tutorial on a topic before actually giving it a try
  • Using too cheap materials that aren’t up to the job and hinder our progress
  • Using thin cartridge paper for water-based media
  • Skipping colour theory
  • Using paint straight out of the tube (like greens and blacks) if you are trying to create natural colours
  • Using a pencil and a rubber instead of a pen. 
  • Not drawing often enough
  • Putting quality over quantity to start with
  • Worrying too much about the outcome instead of enjoying the process
  • Not drawing from life 
  • Seeing mistakes as failure
  • Comparing yourself to more experienced artists
  • Worrying what other people think
  • Getting too attached to a drawing
  • Moving on too quickly before mastering one technique or subject / And conversely rigidly sticking with something even though it may not be right for Worrying too soon about ‘finding a style’
  • Drawing in a style you think you should, rather than developing what comes naturally
  • Being afraid to ask for advice
  • Giving up too soon

What are the biggest mistakes you made as a beginner artist?

Also mentioned in the podcast

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This week’s creative question

Q. Continue the phrase: I would never paint…

Art question I would never paint

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