September 30 in 30


This challenge is hosted by Leslie Saeta from


Every September (and January), Leslie challenges artists to paint 30 paintings in 30 days and invites them to post their paintings on her blog.

The challenge has become hugely popular and has Artists from all around the globe participating, forming a wonderful sense of community and accountability.

But DON’T be put off by the title ‘30 in 30’

It’s NOT about painting thirty gallery worthy paintings! It’s about getting into the habit of painting every day… And you don’t even have to paint thirty paintings… nobody but you is going to know! Even if you paint just a little every day and only manage to paint just a few paintings, it really doesn’t matter! It’s about putting in some time every single day.

And at the end of the thirty days, you can see how much more you have achieved than you otherwise would have done. You’ll be surprised!


  1. The only rule is to HAVE FUN!!!


  1. To get the best out of the challenge, you should first sign up.
  2. Leslie gives you details of how to upload your work to her blog on this page.
  3. You should ‘aim’ to complete one painting everyday… but this is just an aim… NOT a rule!
  4. Don’t post ‘old’ paintings as this defeats the object of the challenge.
  5. There is no such thing as cheating. Leslie says that even if you painted 7 paintings in one day and took the rest of the week off, that’s totally fine!
  6. You can use whatever medium you like!
  7. If you choose to share your work on social media, don’t forget to link back to Leslie.

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And if and you found this challenge through us, don’t forget to link and tag us in your post (details shown below) We might even feature your work on our blog!

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You can also share your paintings on our Facebook Group. We would love to see you there!

Tips to make things a little more manageable

  • Pick a theme. For example ‘Food.’ This narrows down your subject and lessens your chance of running out of ideas!
  • Prepare your canvases well in advance.
  • Consider writing down 30 ideas for your paintings before the challenge begins.
  • If you usually draw your subject on your canvas first, you can do this in advance too!
  • Keep it small! A suggestion would be 6” x 6”, 8” x 10” or similar.

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join the Kick in the Creatives Facebook Group
join the Kick in the Creatives Facebook Group

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