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Have you ever wanted to take part in a creative challenge?

Do you often find yourself discovering challenges through the sudden flow of related hashtags, only to find that you’re late to the party?

Well, now you don’t ever need to miss an online creative challenge again!

This is the place where you can find an abundance of existing online creative challenges all under one umbrella and with some brand new ones added to the mix!

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So come and join us for your most creative year yet…
We can’t wait to see what you create!

Look Who’s Talking…

Kick in the Creative’s has been founded by Graphic Designer Tara Roskell and Artist, Sandra Busby.

Tara and Sandra met quite by accident through a creative online site and soon after, Tara invited Sandra to be a guest on her Podcast. The two hit it off immediately and they soon found themselves chatting about all things creative on a real actual phone.

Some weeks later, Sandra sent a photograph to Tara of a large and unidentifiable poo that she came across in the woods. She suggested that Tara try to create a character from that one. Tara ‘politely’ declined but on that note their friendship was sealed!

Sandra Busby

Sandra Busby


Sandra Busby is a Still-Life Artist and is best known for her paintings of glass and other reflective objects, which you can find on her website www.sandrabusbyart.com.

Sandra didn’t actually mean to get into ‘fine art.’ In fact, it happened quite by accident. She originally wanted to become a serious ‘sketcher’ but instead, she found herself on another path altogether. Sandra pretends she hates being on video, but her popular social media video “I have finished my painting dance” indicates otherwise.

Tara Roskell

Tara Roskell

Graphic Designer

Tara has been in the Graphic Design industry for over 20 years and is the creator of the hugely popular blog, ‘The Idea Medic’. She also has a design website www.roskelldesign.co.uk where you can see an abundance of her quirky creations.

When Tara is not designing, she will most likely be found scribbling, doodling and creating cartoons. Once she even “almost” created a character from an image of bird poo, but decided better of it… Yes, you did read that correctly… I said, bird poo!

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join the Kick in the Creatives Facebook Group

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