Today’s art podcast is at the request of one of our listeners, Debora. It is all about abstract art. Although neither of us are pure abstract painters, Tara paints semi abstract faces and we both have an appreciation for abstract art. As well as discussing our thoughts about abstract art we also have a few ideas you could try to make a piece of abstract art.

Podcast Ep 134 Let’s Talk Abstract Art

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Ideas for creating abstract art if you haven’t tried it before

  • Blow up a small element of a photo and use that as your starting point
  • Squint at something and draw the shapes
  • Use something that is difficult to control to allow interesting things to happen
  • Use blind contours
  • Try joining elements so for example I might start drawing and eye loosely and then let the line flow into the nose
  • Take inspiration from other abstract artists, blend aspects of their styles that you like as a starting point.
  • Work intuitively applying marks – Tara has done this with faces and characters.
  • Apply random marks and then work into them
  • If you are working semi abstract try replacing elements or moving them. For example if you create a face maybe the eyes become triangles or flowers etc. or perhaps you move the ears
  • Blend and move things. A fun thing to try with watersoluble media is draw loosely then take water on a sponge and pull it through different elements
  • Use a photo manipulation app – distort elements in a reference, move them, blur them etc.
  • Create a painting tear it up rearrange the pieces

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This week’s creative question

Q. What’s the most unexpected source of inspiration you’ve ever drawn from for your art?

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The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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