Today’s podcast guest is Andy J. Pizza from Creative Pep Talk. Andy is an American illustrator, podcaster and public speaker. He has produced vibrant illustrations for clients like Nickelodeon and Amazon.

Ep 66 Interview with Andy J Pizza Illustrator and Host Creative Pep Talk

Sandra and I are huge fans of Andy’s podcast the Creative Pep Talk where Andy shares creative advice, plus Andy knows how to tell fascinating stories which makes him a great speaker. You can’t help but find that some of his enthusiasm will rub off on you.

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let out your weird Andy J Pizza

Andy talks about

  • What made him use the name from Andy J Pizza rather than Andy J Miller?
  • Why he always felt like he didn’t fit in at school and wasn’t good at the things the other kids were?
  • What he means by calling himself the penguin who thought he couldn’t fly
  • What he means when he says that he thinks kids at school are treated as factory models. And why he thinks that some kids labelled as problem children, could be creative kids that haven’t had their talents nurtured.
  • What made him go into illustration and how he developed his style?
  • Why he gave up on creativity for a while when it wasn’t paying the bills and even took his website down, but eventually found his way back to it.
  • How Andy’s first speaking gigs went and what it’s like now to get up and inspire people by speaking on stage
  • How the Creative Pep Talk podcast came about
  • His advice to those people who recognise themselves as creative but haven’t yet found their place in the art world

Andy also talks about his SkillShare course “ Make Creativity Your Career: Six Exercises to Create a Successful Side Project“ which teaches creatives how to narrow down their niche and get paying work they love. Plus he mentions a new project he is working on

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