Why is it that some of us feel free to draw whatever, whenever and however we like and yet others feel that they need some kind of a license to be creative?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who are confident in who they are, what they do and don’t waste time worrying about the result, or what other people might think of it. Or perhaps you are forever questioning yourself; Can I do it? What will other people think? Am I good enough?

Am I Good Enough?

This way of thinking can be crippling… and it’s something I personally battled with for years. I’m not sure if this is something we are born with or if it comes from life experiences, but I have finally worked out the best way of dealing with it… and that is to just be brave and reveal yourself, flaws and all… because people seem to like that! Who knew?

I spent a lot of time avoiding doing the very thing I most wanted to do, because I was worried I would never be good enough. Then one day I decided to be brave and pick up my pencil… and guess what? Nothing bad happened! I realised that I didn’t have to show anyone if I didn’t want to, so I drew again… and again and again until I got better.

And You Will Get Better…

Many years later I draw with confidence and I’m happy to show (most of) the results… And this is because I’ve learned that we are all different. And whilst as kids, all we want is to be the same as everybody else, when we grow up, we realise that being different makes us interesting. It’s a positive thing!

So stop staring at that blank page, be brave and pick up your pen. I promise you it won’t bite!

The very worst that could happen is that you will hate your drawing… but then you can just screw it up and try again… and again… and again… Until one day you will find yourself saying, ‘Wow… Did I draw that?’


Sandra x

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