Julie McCabe ArtistThis mini-interview is with Julie McCabe, an artist who has been taking part in art challenges. We are also delighted that Julie is in our Facebook Group.

Where and when did your journey into art begin?

I’ve always loved & practiced Art since a young child. On leaving school I wanted to study Art at university but didn’t get the opportunity until I was 45 when I finally got to study Fine Art at university part-time, graduating when I was 50. I continued to practice and exhibit until I encountered some tragically sad family circumstances & went into a long period of grieving. My creativity just disappeared and I’ve really missed it. I am using Creative Challenges in the hope they re-ignite my creative juices!

What challenges have you taken part in this year?

What did you find to be the most useful thing about them?

I feel the challenges give me encouragement to do something creative every day. Gives me a creative purpose.

Prompts are very helpful on days where I initially lack creative thinking.

The online communities are so lovely and helpful. Seeing everyone’s work & comments is very interesting and inspiring.

Show and tell us about few pieces of art you have created during a challenge, how you created them and what you most like about them

boots drawing

©Copyright Julie McCabe


dog drawing

©Copyright Julie McCabe


plant drawing

©Copyright Julie McCabe

Above are some of the pen drawings I’ve done during 5 Minute March , just seeing what I can draw in 5 mins has amazed me. Using pen is so liberating as there’s no option to rub out & when I know this, my observation skills naturally become sharper.

Wine glass painting

©Copyright Julie McCabe

My ‘Cheers’ Pen & wash is from the last day of 28 Drawings Later Challenge, I made it to say congratulations to everyone completing the challenge. This is the first time I felt I might be finding my way home to being a practicing Artist again, but sadly that feeling soon deserted me. I’m so grateful for 5 Minute March and finding kick in the creatives so can look forward to more challenges. I really can’t express in words how important they are to me right now.


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