In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the importance of creating art from the heart. And by that, we mean creating how and what you love to create rather than creating what you think you should, or what other people want you to. The more we grow as artists, the more we start comparing ourselves to other artists and telling ourselves we should be doing what they are… But what if we don’t want to?

Ep 68 Art from the Heart

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Some of the things we discuss about creating art you love

  • The difficulty with commissions and how to make them work for you, if you decide to do them
  • Why you should draw what you love and enjoy process over what you feel you “should” be creating
  • Why purposefully creating commercial art that you don’t enjoy creating might not be the answer as it could kill your art passion
  • Knowing the difference between drawing what you love because you love it or just continuing to draw it because you are avoiding drawing something you find difficult.
  • Why if your heart is telling you to try something different you should follow it and how it might be incorporated into your usual style of drawing later
  • If you feel like trying something new, remember not everything has to be shared publicly, we didn’t in the olden days!
  • If someone makes a suggestion by all means try it, but don’t be governed by what someone else suggests if it doesn’t feel good to you.

And I apologise but Sandra talks a lot about getting naked, because the weather had been so hot. Thank goodness it’s cooler that’s all I can say… phew 🙄 😬

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This week’s creative question

If you had a painting fairy, what would you like the most help with and why?

If you had a painting fairy, what would you like the most help with and why?

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