Welcome to today’s art podcast which is all about taking part in an art show. We are doing this now as Sandra did an art exhibition a few years ago with a friend and Tara recently did a stall at an art and craft show. We are definitely not experts but can share what we learned as beginners.

Podcast Ep 135 art show

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This podcast is sponsored by Evolve. Evolve can teach anyone how to paint in a realism style to a professional level in a year. They offer online lessons, support and also provide the materials you need. To find out more sign up for a free masterclass at https://kickinthecreatives.com/evolvewebinar

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Some of the points we discuss about doing an art show

  • If you are nervous doing an event on your own, do it with a friend
  • As well as looking at existing events, think about other potential suitable places to show your art
  • Look for events as early as possible, I missed out on one cheap local event as I didn’t know about it.
  • https://www.stallfinder.com/ – If you are in the UK this lists stalls and events in the country
  • https://zealous.co/ https://www.moma.co.uk/ are places to look for art opportunities and exhibitions to apply for
  • Try and find out if the event suits your art – I really wasn’t sure where my art fit so took a punt. I am also trying another local event in July and some Comicons later in the year. Is there a place other than an art fair where you could exhibit?
  • Keep promoting the event to your audience. Idea places are local groups on Facebook
  • Tell friend and family and ask them to share the event
  • I made the mistake of panic buying stuff without planning it first. I think that was one of my biggest mistakes. So I ended up buying stuff that I didn’t use. It wasn’t until I actually created a rough plan to scale that I could see what I would have space for.
  • Write a list – I had a list of everything I wanted to take
  • Get a bumbag to keep your money in
  • Even if you don’t sell much you learn a lot from the other stall holders
  • You have to factor in things like insurance for public liability which many events make you have. This can be cheaper if you go through an art organisation. I got mine through the SAA which is UK based but I am sure there are similar things in other countries
  • One of the stall holders said she treats everyone as a networking event, rather than looking at sales she hopes that she has introduced her work to people
  • Apparently from year to year fairs are not necessarily the same – one year good one year bad


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This week’s creative question

Q.  If you could invite one VIP guest to your own show, dead or alive, anyone at all, who would it be and why?

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