Ep 136 Art Titles Do they Matter

Welcome to today’s art podcast. Today we’re going to talk about titling your artwork. We have quite differing opinions on this topic so it should be a good one. What are your thoughts, does it really matter?

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Some of the points we discuss about Art Titles

  • If a piece of art has a concept behind it an art title can help explain that in a succinct way.
  • I think titles matter to some people and not others
  • A title could help with marketing a piece of work, especially if it’s something that is intriguing or a bit rude or risque
  • I wonder if titles ever sway judges opinions in art competitions?

Coming up with Art title ideas

  • Don’t always go for the obvious – twist it or think about opposite ideas
  • Make them funny – obviously only when appropriate
  • Make them thought-provoking – could there be a backstory to your painting?
  • Brainstorm keywords related to your topic – use sites like Rhymezone to help
  • Think about different words you could use related to things like the colour or mood of the painting. So instead of yellow it could be lemon or golden
  • Ask for art title ideas on Social Media.
  • Use AI, Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT to help brainstorm art title ideas

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This week’s creative question

Q. You have created a piece of art featuring a person, peering into a mirror, with a confused look on their face. What do you title it, and why?

Art title question

The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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