Today’s guest is Laura Frankstone Laura is an Artist, Urban Sketcher and Illustrator from North Carolina. Sandra first came across Laura’s work about 12 years ago when she stumbled across her blog. It was Laura that inspired her to start her own blog all that time ago. 

Podcast Ep 63 Artist Illustrator Laura Frankstone

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Wales tea sketch

Laura’s work is lively, energetic and full of life. And her blog reflects that perfectly. One of her passions is travelling which is reflected in her travel sketchbooks. She arranges her travel to coincide with places she wants to draw. Listening to Laura will definitely make you want to run and pick up your sketchbook. In fact, go and grab it now and sketch while you listen.

Wales urban sketch

Laura talks about

  • How she got started with drawing
  • What inspired her to start her blog and how important blogging has been over the years?
  • How she has filled hundreds of sketchbooks over the years and what she thinks the secret is to be such a prolific sketcher?
  • The basic sketching kit that she always carries, even when she travels with only a carry on bag
  • Joining the urban sketchers movement and her passion for travelling and drawing on location
  • How her passion for travel sketching developed and how she creates a series of works inspired by her travels.
  • How she got started doing illustration work.
  • Sketching her garden over the years as she transformed it after being inspired by Les Jardins Agapanthe in Normandy

CSD garden sketches

Find out more about Laura Frankstone

Polar Twighlight painting

Norway Ship Readers

Norway Blue hour landmass


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