Today’s guest is Lewis Rossignol, an illustrator and artist based in Portland, Maine USA. He specialises in combining hand-drawn and collaged imagery.​​

Podcast Ep 61 Interview with Lewis Rossignol Artist and Illustrator

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I first discovered Lewis on Instagram when I became interested in Abstract faces. His art was so distinct and unlike anything I had seen before. He created portraits that were the complete opposite of high realism. His drawings were grungy, predominantly black and white and very cool. And his work was part of my inspiration to find my drawing style. Sandra is also a big fan of his work so we were thrilled when he agreed to come on the show.

Tyler The Creator Album Artwork

Tyler The Creator IGOR Album Artwork

Lewis talks about

  • How and why he went to art college later in life as a mature student
  • His Tourette’s syndrome and how art helps with the condition and how art/creativity could help with your mental health
  • Artists that have inspired him and influenced his work
  • Why he likes to “mess up” the page before he starts drawing
  • His favourite mediums to work with
  • Where he gets his inspiration for the faces he draws
  • How he built his following on Instagram
  • Crowdfunding his books

buggy Rossignol Art

Some of the Artists Lewis mentions

Find out more about Lewis Rossignol

Lewis Rossignol Art


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