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Today’s guest is Carrie Brummer from www.artiststrong.com. Carrie was originally an art teacher in school but then moved into a more administrative position. She started a blog about art in her spare time and discovered that people all over the world wanted to learn to draw and paint. That blog later became known as www.artiststrong.com where Carrie formed a community and taught people to draw through her online courses.

Barbara painting Artist Carrie Brummer

Barbara by Carrie Brummer – background features 200 hours of embroidery

Barbara Embroidery Detail

Close up of embroidery

Carrie talks about:

  • Her journey to becoming an artist
  • Her process of creating art – Carrie likes to include embroidery in her paintings
  • How she switched from teaching art in school to teaching online
  • How she started and developed her online community ‘Artist Strong’
  • Tips for how you can improve your drawing or painting
  • Tips on building a creative habit

The book Carrie mentions about people building their skills to become an expert  is “Peak by Anders Ericsson” Carrie used this theme as a basis for her free challenge “Drawing Drills

The author that Carrie mentions who writes about putting aside a small amount of time a day is Sam Bennett. Her book is called “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day

Some of Carrie’s favourite artists are Mark Rothko, Ashley Longshore and CJ Hendry

Find out more about Carrie Brummer

You can find out more about Carrie at her website www.artiststrong.com where you can also find her Free Resources, Drawing Bootcamp and The Circle, an Art Mastermind Community

You can see more of Carrie’s paintings at her art website www.carriebrummer.com

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