Podcast Interview with Ian Fennelly Artist and Urban Sketcher

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In today’s podcast interview, we are talking to Artist Ian Fennelly. Ian is an urban sketcher who creates and sells his amazing sketches. His work mainly features buildings which are painted with splashes of beautiful vibrant colours and use lively linework. Not only is Ian a fantastic painter he is also very entertaining and tells some interesting stories in this podcast.

Se do Porto - Ian Fennelly Urban sketch

Se do Porto – Ian Fennelly Urban Sketch

Ian talks about

  • How he got started with his art.
  • How he was undecided between abstract and more realistic art until an artist who visited the college helped make up his mind (but not in the way you would expect)
  • How his Art career developed
  • Why he loves urban sketching and what got him started with painting on location
  • His urban sketching process (we loved hearing about this)
  • Tips for a beginner artist who is starting urban sketching
  • Composition tips for urban sketching when you are out on location.
  • How he decides what colours to use beyond what he sees in front of him
  • His favourite urban sketching materials and tools

Ian also tells us about his plans for a future trip and project to paint along Route 66 in the USA

Ian Fennelly Artist urban sketcher workshop

Quarante - Ian Fennelly Urban Sketch

Quarante – Ian Fennelly Urban Sketch

Ian Fennelly Urban Sketch

Ian Fennelly Urban Sketch

Find out more about Ian Fennelly

You can find out more about Ian and see more of his work on his website www.ianfennelly.co.uk

Instagram  – @ianfennelly 

The Sketchbook Skool Course where Ian Fennelly is one of the teachers is Watercolor Rules!—and how to break them

The video of Ian that was shot by a student on his workshop https://youtu.be/uYbIC5dCwiQ

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