Post by Deb Saine (the artist currently known as im2insaine)

Fellow creative and KITC Facebook Group member Kim Hine, had an idea that was sparked by a project I did two years ago that I called ‘The Postcard Project’. Kim’s idea was for interested members of ‘Kick In The Creative’s’ to participate in a similar project. A sign-up for Kim’s project was created soon after.

Debs postcard project

Some of Deb Saine’s postcards

Unfortunately sometimes life simply gets in the way and a few weeks later Kim explained that she wouldn’t have time to see the project through to fruition. That’s when I volunteered to help. Me and my bright ideas, right?

I suggested creating an exchange of what are known as Artists Trading Cards (for more information, simply do a Google search or visit my ATC pinterest board.

After making my suggestion, a number of folks said they were unfamiliar with the exchange and wanted to know how it would work. So Tara invited me to create a blog post to explain it.

But before the details can be ironed out, I need your input:

  • How can we physically share our work with one another?
  • How long should participants spend on each piece of art?
  • What size would work best?
  • Would exchanging a piece of art each month with someone different be doable?

I would love to trade art and would truly love trading art with someone outside of the good ol’ US of A!

So what do you think? If you are interested in taking part and you have any ideas of how we could make it work, would you kindly let Tara know by commenting below, using the contact form or via the Facebook Group?

Thanks for reading! – Deb Saine

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