Ep 50 Ask us Anything Art Podcast Special Episode

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This podcast is a little different to our normal episodes in the fact that it’s an “Ask us Anything” Christmas Special. Well, in fact, it’s part one of a Christmas Special. Now whether that’s because you asked us too many questions or Sandra and I talk way too much, I will let you decide. Personally, I think it’s the former. But anyway Part 2 will air on the 23rd of December, so you can listen while you slurp on a little Eggnog or snog your significant other under the mistletoe (that’s going to be a very long kiss)!

Anyway, for this, our Fiftieth episode (which we didn’t notice until after we recorded it) we invited you to ask us questions. They could be anything – art or creativity related, personal (thank you for keeping it clean!!!) or random things. And we got a bit of everything, so we hope you enjoy the show?

Here are the questions we answered in part 1

  • I currently use acrylic paints, but thinking of trying oils…. I know they’re not ‘easier’ to use, but do they blend colours better? And give a better finish? Thinking for portraits
  • Favourite Artist?
  • Favourite Book?
  • Favourite City?
  • Greatest influence in your life?
  • Favourite Song?
  • What inspires you?
  • What makes you smile?
  • Who would you love to collaborate with ( alive or dead )
  • Best advice given/received?
  • Best advice for others?
  • If you had a magic want to wave and instantly master a medium that you shy away from what would it be?
  • What made you guys decide to do a podcast together?
  • How do you create your videos/podcasts?

Don’t forget to listen out for Part 2 of the “Ask us Anything Christmas Special” on the 23rd of December. The normal podcast will resume on the 6th January and we also have some interesting guests coming up in the new year.

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