If you were to look up the word ‘Artist’ in a dictionary, this is what you will find…




noun: artist; plural noun: artists

A person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.

…So, why is it that so many artists struggle to describe themselves as one… Instead, they might say “I’m a painter” or “I Draw”.

It’s almost as though saying ‘I’m an Artist’ is somehow presumptuous… or even pretentious. But ask a plumber what he does and he will confidently say ‘I’m a plumber.’ It’s unlikely he will say ‘I fix pipes.’

Is it because you’re not making a living from your art? Well, even an unemployed plumber will still call himself a plumber! Is it because you don’t have an arts degree? Well neither do many, highly successful, highly regarded and even famous Artists. Remember, going to art school does not make you a good artist. And not going to art school does not make you a bad one!

Or Is it because you don’t simply don’t feel good enough?

An artist is someone who actively creates… ‘Actively’ being the most important word here. It’s not about the level you are at, because art is so subjective, how can it possibly be measured? And it’s not about whether you make a living from your art, because Van Gogh certainly didn’t… and what would you call him?

So if you are someone who actively creates on a regular basis, then the next time someone asks what you are… just say those words out loud… ‘I’m an Artist.’ Or even ‘I’m an Artist with a day job’…

But if you are the Artist as described in the dictionary, then don’t be afraid to own it!


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