Fun doodling exercises for you to try

If you don’t feel like you can draw or simply want some fun exercises to experiment with here’s a couple of things to try.

Doodle Art Idea 1

Take some coloured or Kraft paper and cut or rip 2 or three random shapes that will fit on a page of your sketchbook. Arrange them until you get a composition you like and then stick them down. Repeat this and create a few more pages.

messed up collaged pages

Then choose one of the pages. Look at the shapes, what do they remind you of? If you can’t see anything, turn your page upside down or on its side. Once you have an idea, take a black marker and start drawing a continuous line. When you’ve finished, if you want to, go back and thicken up some areas. You’ll probably find that some pages turn out really well while some are a bit meh. What’s important is that it’s fun and it forces you to be loose and unprecious with your art. Try another one on your pre-prepared pages tomorrow.

doodles on messed up sketch pages


Instead of cutting or ripping up the paper, paint some random shapes on a sketchbook page. Once it’s dry, work over the top with a marker doodle as above.

Doodle Art Idea 2

Take a fineliner pen or biro and draw a loopy scribble on your page. What does the scribble look like? Maybe you see several faces, an animal or a plant.

scribble for doodling exercise

Make the scribble into whatever you think of, it could be multiple little pictures or just one. Alternatively, why not draw patterns within each section of your scribble Zentangle style. Whatever you create, enjoy the process rather than worrying too much about the end result.

doodled on scribble

Have fun!

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