Today’s guest is art journaling expert Caylee Grey from Caylee is a South African artist living in Germany. We really wanted to have Caylee on the podcast as her mission is close to our hearts, to encourage people to have a regular creative practice.

Art Podcast Ep 64 Caylee-Grey Art Journaling Expert

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Caylee has a fascinating story of how she started art journaling as a challenge she set herself. This then turned into her full-time business. She teaches others how to journal and most of all to love the process of creating art.  Her mission is to empower 10 000 people into a regular creative practice.

You can find the free Journaling starter course that Caylee mentions in the podcast at

caylee grey art journal page

Caylee talks about

  • How and why did she first got started with journaling
  • How her first journal pages made her feel
  • That you don’t need to be good at drawing to art journal
  • What she means by a phrase she uses – dancing naked in perfection’s face (and no it’s not rude, shut that dirty mind down now 🙄  )
  • Why it’s important to enjoy the process and not worry about your art sucking especially at first.
  • Tips for getting started with art journaling
  • How her journaling challenge developed into her business
  • Balancing a young child and family life with creative time and business and why it’s sometimes necessary to stick fake eyebrows on your baby🤣.

Caylee Grey baby eyebrows

Find out more about Caylee Grey


caylee grey art journal spread

caylee grey art journal

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