When I have the time, I love to wander around local art galleries. They are a great place to find inspiration and often send me running for my brushes!

Of course there are always lots of paintings to see but some stand out for me more than others; sometimes I might be delighted by a quirky title or maybe a painting finds me asking questions… Better still, both!

But sometimes paintings, however skillfully done can seem a little, well… ‘blah’? Let’s say for example, a painting of three shiny apples in a row… and the artist has stopped at such a dull title as ‘Still Life with Apples’. I mean… what’s so interesting about that?

Why Not Tell a Story with Your Art?

So, what if one of the apples was not green and shiny… what if instead, one of them had a little hole in the skin where an insect had been tucking in? Or what if one of the apples has a bite taken out of it? Perhaps one of them is rolling away…  And what if the title were something a little more fun, like, ‘Not so Still Life’...

There are so many ways to make your art more interesting and most importantly more fun for the viewer. So the next time you run for your brushes, why not slow down just a bit and take some time to think a little outside of the box?

It’ll be fun!

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