Today we are talking about drawing from life versus drawing from photos and which is best. And I think we know, now more than ever before, what a different skill drawing from life is since we started doing a lot more sketching trips out and about.

It’s really easy to rely on photo’s for practice, and while there’s nothing wrong with drawing from photos, it’s important to also practise drawing from life as much as you can.

Ep 49 Draw from photos versus draw from life

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Some of the things we discuss:

  • How photos can distort perspective and also colour too
  • That your eyes can pick up far more than a camera
  • How drawing from life makes you think more about composition
  • Why Drawing from life is much more challenging, but with that comes a sense of achievement when it works
  • Why photos are great for manipulating and experimenting before drawing.
  • How Sandra uses a combination of life and photos for her paintings
  • Why photos are great for practising different mediums
  • How drawing from photos gives you the confidence to go and try drawing from life outside
  • How useful photos can be as a starting point/reference point for a piece of art, they don’t have to be taken literally

Sandra also tries to explain a recent issue she had when she was painting a glass bottle. Unfortunately, her choice of words for the floppy distortion effect left me sniggering in the background like an idiot (check the blooper at the end too).

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This week’s creative question

Q. What is your favourite colour, and how would you describe it to a blind person?

favourite colour question

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