Ep12 idea-Generation for your creative projects

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Today’s episode is all about idea generation, a topic we love. I have to try and keep Sandra under control otherwise she comes up with bizarre ideas like inflatable knickers (don’t ask!).

If you have ever sat with a blank sheet of paper not knowing what to create, then this episode is for you. You really don’t need to wait for that Eureka moment to have an idea. There are lots of different creative techniques you can try.

Some of the creativity techniques we cover:

  • Mind mapping – but we put our own twist on this
  • How to get ideas out of your everyday life
  • How to use a random word to get ideas – we also try this live to show you how it works – yikes (we don’t even cheat by picking the random words first! )
  • Freewriting – Sandra shares a scary app for this too
  • Sandra talks about how you should carry a notebook at all times, but hasn’t got one when we need one on the podcast 🙂
  • Idea mash-up – Its a bit like making a cheese and potato pie, but completely different
  • Moodboards and White-Boards
  • Poetry and Character Tear-Ups
  • Oh my god I am still writing, and there are more creative techniques we shared that I haven’t even mentioned…get your coffee ready.

We also read out some of the answers to last week’s podcast question asking people what their favourite piece of art is, which reminds me of a bag of broccoli I once bought. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to answer.

This week’s question

What is the best art exhibition or creative event you have ever attended and why?

What's the best art or creative event yo u have ever attended

The best answers will be read out on the next podcast.

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