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This weeks guest is Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn. Joanna is an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She’s an independent (indie) author and has written 27 books and sold over 500,000 books in 84 countries and 5 languages. And as if that’s not enough, she’s also an international speaker and award-winning creative entrepreneur. Joanna shares the secrets to her success in multiple ways including her award-winning blog and her own Podcast for writers, ‘The Creative Penn’ (spelt with a double n)

A few of the topics we cover in the podcast:

How and why Joanna started writing

In this podcast, Joanna talks about the first non-fiction book she ever published and why she decided to publish it independently. This was well before it was commonplace to do so. Even though financially that first book was not a success, it was successful in terms of how it moved her forward in her career. She talks about how miserable she was in her corporate job and how she knew she had to make a change.

Joanna didn’t believe she could write fiction

You will learn that Joanna didn’t believe she could write fiction. It was only after someone challenged her that she had a block in that area that she created her first novel. She began writing it by taking part in the writing challenge, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Since then her fiction work has gone from strength to strength.

Goal Setting and Advice

Joanne talks about how she sets herself very specific goals, and you can tell by listening to her just how driven she is. Also, her enthusiasm and positivity are infectious. Not only will the writers learn valuable tips on how to build a successful writing career, but much of her advice is applicable to other creatives too.

Connect with Joanna

You can find out more about Joanna at where you can also download her free Author 2.0 Blueprint and Email Mini-Course. The blueprint Includes tips on writing fiction and non-fiction, self-publishing, book marketing, and how to make a living with your writing.

Don’t forget to check out her podcast, books and courses too

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