Ep 25 Creative New Years Resolutions Bad Idea

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Today’s episode is all about Creative New Years Resolutions. Don’t you just love them?

Why is it that after chugging down a load of wine and eating too much chocolate we feel that we need to make a resolution? Oh yeah, maybe it’s just that we’ve chugged down a load of wine and eaten too much chocolate.
Anyway, allow yourself to breathe and let that top button pop open, as we don’t think you should be making resolutions. However, we do think there are better ways we can make positive changes and build those creative habits too. One of your resolutions was going to be to be more creative or draw more, wasn’t it? And to listen to more podcasts?

Some of the New Year’s Resolution ideas we discuss:

  • Why you might make New Year’s resolutions in the heat of the moment (after wine) rather than thinking through what’s actually achievable.
  • You’re not taking into account what is really doable, how much time you really have to dedicate to it
  • How having goals rather than resolutions is more achievable
  • How chunking down your goals can help
  • How doing smaller challenges and reviewing them might be a better option

So get out that last chocolate you’ve been eyeing up (it’s bound to be a coffee cream – yuk) and savour it while you listen to the dulcet tones of Sandra and I nattering on about New Year’s resolutions.

This week’s creative question

Creative with a pencil question

What is the most creative thing you can think of doing with a pencil, other than to write or draw?
Now you may have trouble hearing the question on the podcast as I was practically crying as Sandra read it out, and she was too when she realised how funny it sounded. (Ahem… Let’s keep those answers clean shall we?)

The best answers will be read out on the next joint podcast.

You can Tweet us your answers @KickCreatives or let us know in the Facebook Group, which by the way if you haven’t already joined, I highly recommend that you do! We will put the question up there and also on the facebook page… and of course, on our Instagram page @kickinthecreatives.

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