Ep 26 Get Creative in 2019 Art and creative Podcast

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Happy New Year (that sounds so weird when I’m writing this in December)

Today’s episode is a round-up of the arty things we’ve loved and what we learned in 2018, plus a look at what we’ve got coming up for 2019.

We want to start by saying that having great art materials does not make you a great artist. Any pencil or pen will do, but they are blooming lovely and collecting them is a hobby in itself.

Some of the art materials we mention

Some of the apps we like

Free Photo Reference

Life drawing Reference

Books and Courses

Things we learned

We also talk about the things we learned last year including:

Sandra realised the beauty of a cheap sketchbook – Not scared to spoil the pages. Plus, how some of the exercises like draw with your left hand and 5 Minute March allow people to be less critical of their own work.

I learned you won’t know you are good at something (or you like it) until you try it and that your creativity can inspire creativity in others. We saw this in our Facebook group

Creative Podcasts we like

We also go through a few of the challenges coming up for next year and we have a brand new question.

This week’s creative question

Q. You are allowed to draw only one more thing in your lifetime… What would it be?

Art Podcast Question

The best answers will be read out on the next joint podcast.

You can Tweet us your answers @KickCreatives or let us know in the Facebook Group, which by the way if you haven’t already joined, I highly recommend that you do! We will put the question up there and also on the facebook page… and of course, on our Instagram page @kickinthecreatives.

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If you have any suggestions for the podcast or our challenges please feel free to get in touch.

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