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Today’s guest is Stewart Hill, an ex-army officer who in 2009 suffered a traumatic brain injury during a second tour in Afghanistan. Along with perforated eardrums, a loss of his sense of smell and taste, Stewart’s ability to process and organise information were also affected. Since then Stewart has found a new purpose in art, initially using it as a way to help him focus. He is now a professional award-winning artist and he is also an inspirational speaker. We apologise for a bit of noise interference from Stewart’s squeaky chair during the interview.

In this podcast, Stewart talks about his life before he became an artist and how his brain injury completely turned his life upside down. Not only did the brain injury have multiple challenges in itself, but it also meant that he was discharged from the army, which meant a massive life change.

Stewart Hill Artist

Art in Aftermath exhibition featuring Stewart’s portraits of Nick Knowles, Ray Winstone, Piers Morgan and the Duke of Bedford

A few of the topics Stewart talks about in the podcast

  • how he rediscovered his creative side
  • the first painting he created after his injury and how it made him feel
  • how painting has helped him with his rehabilitation alongside other creative pastimes
  • how he went about learning painting techniques?
  • the challenges he has faced in the process of becoming the artist you are today as a result of his injury
  • why he paints a lot of portraits of soldiers who lost their lives in combat
  • raising money for charity through his art


You can find out more about Stewart Hill, his art and work on his website www.stewarthill.co.uk

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