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Today’s guest is Tracey Fletcher King, an artist, illustrator, printmaker, and teacher from Queensland, Australia.

In this episode, Tracey talks about how she grew up within a creative family and how her own artistic journey was almost inevitable.

Traceys’ Background

After leaving college, Tracey worked as an art teacher before getting married to her Golf-Pro husband. His career took them travelling for 9 years with their daughter, before they finally settled back in Queensland. She describes what it was like to start painting again following such a long break from art and how difficult it was to push past the hurdle of having to relearn her skills.

Tracey porcelain art

© Copyright Tracey Fletcher King

An Evolving Art Style

Tracey’s art style has continuously evolved over the years, from creating very realistic botanicals to lively paintings of household objects to the big, bold realistic watercolours that she is enjoying now. She talks about what led her style to evolve in this way.

Tracey loose watercolour

© Copyright Tracey Fletcher King


Tracey swimsuit painting

© Copyright Tracey Fletcher King

Art journalling through difficult times

In 2013, Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer. She talks about the art journal that she kept throughout this difficult time and how it helped her through some of the darker times. She talks about how it was also important to throw it away when she felt the time was right.

Making time for her art

Tracey Watercolour Art

© Copyright Tracey Fletcher King

Tracey’s diagnosis has also forced her to become an expert at time management. She has to fit her art in around her treatments and during the times when she feels well. Tracey talks about how she has managed to continue to produce so much work despite her dramatic reduction in working hours and she shares some of the time management tips that she’s had to learn along the way.

This is an inspiring interview about following your passion, doing what you love and making time for your art, no matter what the obstacles.

Where to connect with Tracey

Tracey’s website www.traceyfletcherking.com
Tracey’s Esty Shop www.etsy.com/au/shop/TraceyFletcherKing
Instagram @traceyfletcherking
Facebook @traceyfletcherkingartist
Tracey’s online courses www.traceyfletcherking.com/classes-1/

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