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In today’s episode, we’re discussing whether or not you have to go to art school in order to become an artist. There is no right or wrong path to follow here. We’re all different and where some of us will benefit hugely from going to art school, others will only be stunted by it.

Going to art school does not necessarily make someone a good artist! And NOT going to art school doesn’t make someone a bad one either!

Sandra’s art school experience

Sandra has had the experience of both going to art school and also abandoning it and teaching herself. Art college, was just not teaching the things she wanted to learn. Her course was more about imagination and experimenting, which is important, but in Sandra’s opinion, you need to master basic drawing and painting skills first.

Tara’s art school experience

Tara also went to art college (many, many years ago) and had a very mixed experience too. There were elements she loved, but then a lot of things that were a complete waste of time. 10 years ago Tara, also tried going back to college one day a week to learn animation. The tuition was very poor and she dropped out after a couple of months.

Last month’s art and writing challenges

We also talk a bit about last months challenges, February Faces and February Fables. Sandra and Tara have been working on a combined effort for February Fables. One person writes 250 words and then passes it to the other. Who knows where this story will go, or if it will ever end!

Your answers to the last podcast question

We share your answers to our previous podcast question – Which Artist, Writer or other creative would you most like to spend a day with and what would you do…?

This weeks question

If you were only allowed to paint or draw just one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Let us know your answers in the comments or via social media and we’ll read out the best ones in the next episode.

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