Today’s podcast guest is Eric Hanscom, an Intellectual Property Attorney who is answering your artists questions about copyright. Eric has been an intellectual property attorney for the last 20 years. He has successfully filed and prosecuted thousands of patents, trademarks and copyrights for his clients in more than 50 countries. As well as understanding copyright as an attorney, Eric is also a Drone photographer so understands the other side of intellectual property from a Creative’s perspective.

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A few of your artist’s copyright questions that Eric answers

  • How long does copyright exist after the creation of a piece of work
  • What’s the best way to protect your original art from being copied?
  • If someone buys your painting who owns the copyright?
  • Where does an artist stand on using magazine photos in mixed media collages?
  • What are the rules for using someone else’s photograph/stock photograph as the subject of an original work of art such as a painting, drawing, print, etc.?
  • Is it ok to include brands in your drawings, eg. MacBook with the apple logo on it or can drinks with branding?
  • Is it enough to just put your name and date, plus copyright mark on anything you post on social media?
  • Can someone who buys a painting of yours make and sell copies legally?
  • What is licensing and what does it mean when you license your art?

Thank you to everyone who asked a question, we hope we covered them all.

Find out more about Eric Hanscom

Law website

Drone Photography –

Drone Facebook Page

Eric’s Marvellous Pig Drawing that he Mentions in the Podcast

Eric pig drawing

Eric and a Drone

Eric drone photography

Eric on a bamboo raft on the Li River Guilin China

Eric on a bamboo raft on the Li River Guilin China


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