Art podcast Ep 6 How to Find your Creative Style

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Hello again and welcome to another podcast episode. Today we are talking about how to find your style and of course there’s a bit of arty chat thrown in for good measure. We also mention some of the fantastic work we have been seeing for our two March Art Challenges March Mixed Media and 5 Minute March. There are a few shoutouts for the work that has really caught our eyes too.

So first of all, just how important is it to find a style?

I guess it totally depends on why you are drawing and painting.

If you are painting purely for fun, then it doesn’t matter in the slightest. You can just paint what you want without considering if people will recognise that it’s your work. You don’t have to try and impress a gallery in this case either.

But, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then, of course, it’s very important to have something about your work that makes it stand out as your own… Your ‘style’.

Sandra already has the experience of finding her style

Sandra already has the experience of finding her style and talks about some of the things she has learned along the way. These include taking on a commission in her early painting career for a topic she didn’t enjoy painting, plus attending painting workshops. Sandra had a very mixed experience of art workshops, from the one that left her feeling deflated to the one that she really loved

She also talks about how her painting style has evolved over time, which is partly due to being taken out of her comfort zone at one of the workshops.

Tara is currently trying to find her style

Tara is currently trying to find her style, even though Sandra thinks she already has one. She is experimenting with different medium trying different techniques and even looking at little things like the size of paper that she likes working on. Tara has also attended a workshop. It was just a small local one which was a little too basic for her, and she kept getting told off by the teacher 🙂 for being a delinquent with her brushes.

Suggestions for ways you to experiment

We offer our suggestions for ways you can experiment and discover your own style, plus tell you about the challenges we’ve got coming up next.

This episode’s question

What subject do you least like painting and why?
The best answers will be read out in the next podcast.

Subject least like painting

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