Ep9 dealing with negative feedback

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Today we are talking about dealing with negative feedback and we’ll be sharing some of our personal experiences. Now, I am sure if you have listened to the show before you’re thinking…’But Sandra and Tara are way too fabulous to have ever had any negative feedback.’

…That is was what you were thinking, wasn’t it?!

But it’s true, we have both had some gut-wrenching experiences – I don’t think I need to elaborate anymore other than to say the words “nose whistle” and “the teddy bear got its revenge”. It will all make sense when you listen.

Why are you receiving negative criticism?

Often it means you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new or stretching yourself, which is actually a great thing. It’s just that people aren’t always that tactful about giving criticism.

Tips for dealing with negative feedback

We need to try and remember that feedback, whether good or bad is only someone’s opinion. Sometimes the criticism can help us learn something and improve what we do, but other times it’s best to ignore it and realise it’s more about the other person’s insecurities, jealousy or downright tactlessness. We share how our negative feedback affected us at the time and how we might deal with it if the same thing happened now.

Ideas for ways to boost your own confidence

Along with dealing with negative criticism, we also make some suggestions on how to boost your own confidence and make yourself feel better. This does not involve eating copious amounts of chocolate, although we are open to testing if it has beneficial effects.

Our supportive Facebook Group are busy creating

We also give a mention to some of the fantastic members of our Facebook Group who are creating and sharing regular art in the group. You are welcome to join us.

Kick in the Creatives Facebook Group

Thank you for all of your answers to our previous question. It was fun reading some of them out.

This week’s question

What would be your dream creative project?

dream creative project

Please put your answers in the comments below or get in touch on social media – via the Facebook Group, Instagram or Twitter

We’ll read out the best answers in the next episode.

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