There will be lot’s of you answering that question with things like ‘Glass’, ‘Portraits’ or ‘Perspective’… But the fact is, the hardest part of learning to draw is picking up the pencil and starting!

There is this inbuilt fear of failure in all of us and of course, none of us wants to draw something that turns out looking like a 6 year old drew it! But the fact is, that when some of us pick up a pencil for the first time in years, we literally are picking up where we left off as a child… So, of course, we can’t draw a masterpiece yet!

The hardest part of learning to draw aside from starting, is being able to look at our pitiful attempts and try again anyway. Only those people who look beyond their initial drawings and simply move on to the next, will go on to improve.

You can only get better

However bad you think you are right now, if you treat each bad drawing as a new lesson learned and continue to practice on a daily basis, you can only get better. And by doing this, it is very possible that in time you will be very good at it indeed!

To get through these initial stages takes two things. Character and determination. Do you have these things?

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