Today’s podcast episode is about the misheld beliefs of being an artist. These are those strange perceptions that non-artists have about how an artist should look, act or be.

Podcast Ep 91 The Misheld Beliefs of Being an Artist

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Some of the things we discuss in the Podcast

How when you are older you may

  • The perception that you have to be young to be an artist
  • That you have to have gone to art college to be a successful artist
  • You have to be able to draw brilliantly and have formal training in drawing
  • Everything you paint/draw must be successful
  • You can paint, draw or sketch anything, effortlessly and without reference
  • You have to be represented by a gallery
  • You have to have won an award
  • You have to have a big following on Social Media
  • You have to know art history
  • You have to paint with oil paints
  • You have to have big stories or meaning behind your work
  • You have to be good at painting in any medium
  • You have to be loose
  • You have to know anatomy to draw people
  • I am sure if you know anatomy it’s helpful if you want to create highly realist
  • You are painting all day, every day
  • You have to be selling your work and better still, selling art alone to make your living
  • And then there’s the complete opposite belief that to be an artist you have to be ‘starving’ … Well, which is it?
  • You have to use long words, say ‘yah’ instead of yes, be pretentious or pretend to be
  • You have to ‘look like’ or ‘dress like’ an artist, constantly clutching a portfolio
  • You have to live in London, New York or a major city
  • You have to mix in a circle of other artists
  • You have to be a bit odd/traumatised

The reality is, all you need to do, to be an Artist, is to make art!

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