About Kick in the Creatives…

Our goal has always been to encourage people to be more creative, whatever age or level; that’s why we started Kick in the Creatives.

Aside from our blog, we have a website, which is where you can find all of the popular online creative challenges, including four challenges of our own a month for you to choose from. Each challenge is designed to help improve your skills and to help you form a creative habit. Alongside the site is our wonderful Facebook group, where you can connect with over 1000 other creatives. It is the most friendly and supportive group and a lovely place to share your work.

We also host a fortnightly podcast, where we talk about all things arty. We share tips, talk about our own experiences, interview lots of amazing artists and writers and above all, it’s very light-hearted and fun! And finally, we have a YouTube channel, where we share our ‘Art Kick Sunday’s.’ Each Sunday, we release a new video with all sorts of demonstrations and experiments for you to try… but they do have a fun and entertaining ‘twist’ to them!

Now there is a way that you can Help Support Us…

Of course, all of this takes a huge amount of time and hard work! But we LOVE doing what we do and we hope you love it just as much! If you do, there is now a simple way of helping to support KITC. You can support us at Ko-Fi!

By ‘buying us a coffee’, you are helping us to cover just a little of our website and podcast hosting costs and it really is a HUGE help to us. In return, we can’t currently offer anything else aside from what we already do, other than a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you have helped us to keep it all going. There is absolutely no obligation, but, if you do choose to buy us a coffee, we want to say a HUGE thank you! Your support means the world!


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