Welcome to today’s art podcast episode. Today we’re going to chat about the importance of planning your composition.

Art Podcast planning your composition

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Planning your art composition before you paint

  • How taking time on the initial planning can be the difference between a successful piece and an unsuccessful piece
  • Taking time to plan, can save you time in the long run
  • Asking the opinions of others if you are unsure
  • If it’s a still life, try arranging and rearranging your initial set-up and photographing in lots of different ways
  • Take photos and use a grid to determine your focal points
  • Crop your photo in various ways to see what works best
  • Draw thumbnail sketches
  • Look for an overall shape that flows
  • Aim for various angles and not too many of one
  • Sometimes offsetting something so it’s on a third can help
  • Tara talks about the commission she did where sherealised that not having an initial sketch in this particular painting, had her having to do it three times
  • Sandra talk about the aha moment when they had our chat, that there were too many verticals and they needed breaking up

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This week’s creative question

Q. What do you listen to while you create and does your choice affect the results?

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