Podcast Ep 54 Artist Marcia Furman

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Todays interview is with artist and creative Marcia Furman. Although Marcia original trained in Graphic Design her passion is now for creating art. She sells her art through her Etsy shop and in person at crafts markets. She also shares her creative life and art tutorials through her Youtube channel “Art by Marcia Furman

Marcia has two very distinct painting styles. She paints in a surrealist style, but also enjoys painting more realistically.

backyard critter art journal2

Marcia’s Critter Journal


sketch travel journal

Sketch travel journal


Marcia talks about

  • Her creative background and how she studied graphic design
  • Some of her early art related businesses
  • About her 2 distinct painting styles
  • Her process for creating art
  • Her love of journaling, including her critter journal
  • Selling her work through Etsy and in person at Craft and Art Markets


surrealism painting

Whimsical Tree Girl with Pink Hair – Surrealism style painting


t-rex painting

Fantastical Girl T-Rex With Bow and Pile of Meat –  surrealism style painting


Some of the artists that Inspire Marcia

Find out more about Marcia Furman

Marcia’s Instagram Channel – www.instagram.com/marcia_furman

Marcia’s Etsy Store – www.etsy.com/shop/MarciaFurman

Art By Marcia Furman Youtube Channel – www.youtube.com/ArtbyMarciaFurman

Marcia’s  Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/TheArtofMarciaFurman

Marcia’s Patreon Page – www.patreon.com/marciafurman

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