Today’s episode is all about creating themes for your sketchbooks.

But why would you want a theme for your sketchbook?

It can really help with indecision, having a theme can prevent that feeling of not knowing what you are going to draw. But if you are worried you will get bored with just one theme, you could have several sketchbooks on the go, each on different theme. For example you could have one for doodles, landscapes, portraits, cartoons, challenges etc. Then just pick up the one that you feel like doing the most.

Art Podcast Ep 60 Create themes for your Sketchbook

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A few of the sketchbook theme ideas we discuss

  • You could have a sketchbook just full of collage.
  • Creating an experimentation sketchbook
  • Have a sketchbook where you use unusual tools or materials
  • An idea to create a food or recipe journal
  • You could have an art journal, where you journal your day
  • What about creating an “I wish journal”!
  • A character sketchbook theme
  • You could also have a more intuitive themed sketchbook where you start drawing and see what happens.
  • Creating sketchbook full of random cut or torn paper, squiggles and ink blots to use as starting points for a sketch
  • A sketchbook based on memories, old cards, photos or little notes you have written or collected from the past.
  • A daily exercise sketchbook theme. So each time you go on your daily walk or run you take photos and then use those as a reference to create a sketch later

Plus we had lots more ideas and suggestions, along with us chatting about what we’ve been getting up to during the lockdown period.

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This week’s creative question

What positive things so far, have come from the isolation period for you?

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The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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