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Art Pose a Figure Drawing App

Do you own one of those wooden art mannequins for figure drawing? I do, I bought it a few years ago thinking it would be really useful for working out cartoon poses. Guess what, it’s completely pants! You try and bend joints, but nothing stays put.

Art Pose is an app, which is the modern version of that old wooden artist’s mannequin on steroids, that actually works. There are several different versions of the app, I currently have the male and female versions, but there is also a version where you can pose multiple figures. I must admit I have only dabbled with it a bit, but it has a lot of potential. You can use the app for pose reference when you want to draw a character or cartoon in a certain position

You start by choosing a pose for your figure. There are 64 set poses to choose from, but it doesn’t stop there. Choose a pose closest to what you’re looking for. Then you can move different parts of the body to get exactly what you want. This does take a bit of practice otherwise you can get some very weird poses. There are also a series of hand poses that you can apply to your model. If you want your character to be fatter or thinner, you can do that simply with an up and down slider.

There are also a few different hairstyle options you can choose from, plus beards and moustaches on the male versions. Unfortunately, the hair does look very wooden and unnatural though.

Once your pose is as you want it you can spin the camera around to look at the figure from different angles. You can also change the lighting direction and effect. With a click of a button, you can also see what the underlying muscles of the model look like.

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When you are happy with your model you can save it to come back too later. You can also save it as a screenshot to use for your drawing. You can find out more about Art Pose at

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