Recently, we asked if there was anyone in particular that our listeners would like us to interview. One of the answers stood out to us. It was from a member of our Facebook group, Rick Fravor. Rick suggested that we interview an artist who is sight impaired, and that is not a subject we’ve touched on before, so of course we thought it was a great idea. But we decided, why not interview Rick himself… After all, he is artist and he is also sight impaired!

Podcast Ep 95 Interview with Sight Impaired Artist Rick Fravor

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Perhaps Rick will be the one to inspire other people who are physically disadvantaged in some way, to just have a go! Rick hasn’t let his sight impairment stop him from making art, and today he talks about how art has enriched his life.

Some of the things we discuss in the podcast

  • How Rick first got into art and how he learned his craft
  • Rick tells us about his sight impairment
  • Why Rick realised that art was still an option for him even with his sight impairment
  • How his impaired vision affects his art?
  • What draws him to his subjects?
  • Where he finds his  inspiration?
  • His process for creating art once he has an idea. We ask him if he uses any special equipment
  • What Rick would say to other people who think they can’t be creative?
  • An exhibition Rick’s art is currently in
  • How his visual impairment has given him some opportunities he wouldn’t have had

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©Copyright Rick Fravor


©Copyright Rick Fravor



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