In today’s creative podcast we are talking to Jeff Schmidt. Jeff is an illustrator, speaker and author of the best-selling book, Heart Attack, which is all about finding hope, joy, and inspiration through recovery.

Podcast EP 124 Sketching Your Way Through Trauma with Jeff Schmidt

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As a young professional in his 40s, Jeff‘s life was thrown into chaos after he experienced a series of heart attacks. Today, we talk about how he used his passion for drawing, particularly urban sketching to help him slow down and take stock. I hope you enjoy our chat!

urban sketch hospital

Some of the questions which were covered in the podcast

Can you tell us a bit about you and your background before drawing became a part of your life?

Was drawing something you did throughout your life, or did it only start later on?

You suffered a life-changing experience that kicked off your drawing habit. Can you tell us about that?

What made you decide to draw your way to recovery in particular?

How big a part do you think that drawing has played in your recovery?

What drew you to urban sketching in particular?

How did you feel about your early drawings? Did it take a lot of practice to get to the level you’re at now? And do you draw every day?

9. Have you ever experienced artists’ block, and if you have, how did you overcome it?

Do you have any tips that you could share with our listeners if they are thinking about starting to draw from their own life experiences?

Jeff’s Book – Heart Attack

“Jeff shares candid observations throughout the transformational journey which took him from losing sight of life as he knew it to gaining new perspectives of life’s beauty and meaning. It was a journey that would ignite his motivation, passion, and productivity. At his side, a ubiquitous 0.1mm pen and a trusty watercolour pan, which allowed him to candidly document the joy, the unexpected, the pain, and the revelation of his recovery.”

urban sketch hospital 2

Find out more about Jeff


Instagram: @psliveinspired

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