In today’s podcast we are talking about the benefits of starting your art journey later in life. So if you’ve been thinking about creating art or know someone that is, remember it’s never too late, whatever your age.

Podcast Ep 89 The Benefits of Starting your Art Journey Later in Life

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Some of the things we discuss in the Podcast

How when you are older you may

  • Have more time…
    Children have left or can look after themselves
    Can sometimes afford more help with other things, such as cleaning
  • Be more patient…
    You also might be more patient as you get older. This could be as you are more relaxed with less demands on you. Tara is not convinced she is more patient though
  • Have more life experience…
    You might have more of a story to tell with some life experience behind you. So there may be more meaning behind your work, though not necessarily of course.
  • Be less easily influenced
    Less likely to listen to people who try to tell you what you ‘should’ do
  • Have less fear
    Things worry us less as we get older because we realise the insignificance of the small stuff, such as wasted paper or a bad drawing. You also might be less precious about the art you create.
  • Be more open to trying new things
    Life is shorter, so we start to be more daring and less inhibited
  • Be thicker skinned
    As we get older we get more comfortable with ourselves and less bothered by criticism.
  • More interested in joining groups / social aspect / connections
    We have more time and confidence to meet and make new friends

We also talk about how art is good for our mental and physical health and can help give us purpose.

Also mentioned in the podcast

The Kick in the Creative’s first course – How to Use Water Soluble Wax Pastels 

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This week’s creative question

 Q. What’s your own, personal most extreme example of procrastination?

Art question procrastination

The best answers will be read out on a future podcast.

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