Welcome to today’s art episode, and today we’re going to talk about striking while the idea is hot. What we mean by this is not sitting on the idea too long before you execute on it.

Ep 145 Strike While the Idea is Hot

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Some of the things we discuss:

Inspiration can be fleeting

inspiration can be fleeting, and the initial excitement around an idea might diminish over time.

Balance of Idea Development vs procrastination

There is a balance. Sometimes when you have an idea you want to let it percolate in your mind a bit to become more formed. But when you do this for too long you are just procrastinating.

Avoiding Procrastination

Sometimes it’s better to just start and go with the flow. If you don’t work quickly maybe do a little sketch or find some reference just so you make the idea more real.

Learning Through Taking Action

If you do just start you will learn through action rather than pondering a million possible outcomes in your head. If the first piece doesn’t work, try again. If you decide after a few attempts that you still don’t like it at least you know you tried it. You can just chalk it up to experience and who knows something you did or learned might work it’s way into future art.

Momentum and idea as you work

Ideas tend to develop as we work so you will probably find that your idea will develop as you work on it

Setting Realistic Expectations

Sometimes we don’t take action on an idea because we love it so much we don’t want to ruin what’s in our imagination with what comes out on paper. We have to accept that it’s never going to be perfect in our eyes


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This week’s creative question

Q. How quickly do you lose motivation once you’ve had an idea, and how do you beat that?

Q. How quickly do you lose motivation once you’ve had an idea, and how do you beat that?

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