Today we are talking about why taking a break from your art is sometimes a good thing! Around this time of year that we can start to flag a little bit. I don’t know if it’s the cold (and you want to hibernate like I do), or the fact we do so much more during the summer when the days are longer. Sometimes there comes a point where we can really benefit from a little time out of our art.

Ep 46 Why Taking a Break from Your Art is Sometimes a Good Thing

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We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be productive and creative. But when you never allow yourself a break, you can deny yourself an opportunity to recharge and sometimes even face a complete art block.

So how do you recognise the difference between just not being in the mood, and when actually it’s time to take a little time out to recharge?

Some of the things we discuss:

  • The difference between stopping creating art because you are feeling lazy and stopping because you are feeling burned out
  • How a big creative challenge can make you want a break or change of direction
  • How the time of year can affect our creative output or the type of art we create
  • How you can take a break from your art without going completely cold-turkey with your creativity
  • Why a break could be the perfect time to fill yourself with new creative inspiration
  • Why it might be a good idea to set a time for an art break, rather than letting the time drift.

The urban sketching tutorial site we mentioned

The site I mention that I have been watching Urban sketching Tutorials on is MyBluprint. It was a site I learned about from our previous guest, Urban Sketcher Lynne Chapman.

Sandra’s urban sketch that got rained on

This was the urban sketch that Sandra did that got rained on that we talked about on the show. It formed a lovely effect.

Sandra urban sketching street scene

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This week’s creative question

Q. What subjects do you tend to avoid sketching and why?

Question: What subjects do you tend to avoid sketching and why?

The best answers will be read out on the next joint podcast.

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