Today’s podcast is all about ten skills that every artist needs. That’s from the creative side of things to admin or business skills.

Podcast Ep 85 Ten Skills Every Artist Needs

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The Ten Artist Skills We Talk About in the Podcast

1. Manage time

  • This might mean being selfish at times
  • Treating art like an appointment
  • Prioritising
  • Realising how long your art takes with everything that come with it

2. Focus

  • Ignoring social media
  • Ignoring housework
  • Commit to a project
  • Challenges

3. See

  • Draw what you actually see and don’t make assumptions
  • Take notice of everything
  • Try to look at your subject more than your paper.
  • See tones of light and dark in what you are working on,
  • See subtle changes in colour hues

4. Imagine

  • Do what’s right for the art
  • Generate ideas. This can be as simple as deciding what to paint and in what style, to generating weird and wonderful imaginative ideas
  • Think a little differently

5. Get over failure

  • We can’t learn without failing
  • See if you can use that failure in any way.

6. Take criticism

  • You will never please everyone
  • They may not even be right
  • If the person is right you can use it to learn from.
  • If you try to please everyone your work might be bland or unnoticeable and in the end will not please anyone.

7. Self Promote

  • Talk about your art
  • Share it
  • Learn a bit of techie stuff
  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘I’m an Artist.

8. Accept rejection

  • You won’t always be the right fit for galleries, podcast interviews etc

9. Say No

  • Don’t say yes to other projects for fear of missing out FOMO
  • Also say no to friends and family for free stuff unless its something you really want to
  • To commissions if they are not the right fit or if you already have too many

10. Be Brave

  • Experiment and try things out
  • Don’t be afraid to get out there and sketch in public
  • Be confident (or pretend to be)
  • Be open to new opportunities

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 Q. Has a real-life situation ever inspired your work?

Art question Has a real life situation ever inspired your work

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