Today’s podcast guest is Carrie Waller. Carrie is an award-winning watercolour artist working in a realistic, detailed style. Her studies in Interior Design and Graphic Design as well as her time spent living in Europe and Asia have influenced her as an artist. Her unique works are bold, vibrant and dramatic.

Podcast Ep 88 Carie-Waller Watercolour Artist

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As well as exhibiting and selling her art Carrie also teaches popular workshops and private classes. During the Pandemic her online watercolour workshops have been a huge success. Sandra was very excited about this interview. She first connected with Carrie over 10 years ago when they were both blogging about their art.

Hot Tea Watercolour Painting By Carrie Waller

Hot Tea © Carrie Waller

Some of the things we discuss in the podcast

  • How Carrie’s art journey began and how she learned to paint in watercolours.
  • How Carrie fitted time for painting in with having young children
  • How being married to a military man affected her art
  • Where she finds her inspiration and the subjects she is drawn to
  • How the Art Pandemic has affected her art business, but in many ways for the good. Such as teaching online workshops
  • How she photographs her still life setups
  • What is was that drew her to watercolour over other mediums
  • How her current life in Japan has influenced her art
  • Her watercolour process, and it’s very different from a traditional watercolour process.

Find out more about Carrie Waller

Celebration Watercolour Painting by Carrie Waller

© Carrie Waller


Quenched Watercolour Painting by Carrie Waller

© Carrie Waller

Ready For Battle Watercolour Painting by Carrie Waller

© Carrie Waller


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