Today’s guest is Russell Nohelty. Russell is a USA Today best-selling author who writes nonfiction as well as graphic novels which he describes as weird books for weird people. He’s also an inspirational speaker helping artists to build better creative careers. If you’re thinking about writing your own book, then this is the episode for you whether you’re looking at going down the traditional publishing route all the cells publishing one, he really is a wealth of information. 

Ep 69 Russell Nohelty Writing and Marketing your book

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Russell talks about

  • How he got started as a writer
  • What’s your process for writing a book, from idea to completion
  • Researching the book market for your niche before you write your book
  • Why it’s good to “start small” for your first projects rather than jumping into a full novel or book
  • Tips for planning and keeping your writing on track so it actually gets completed
  • Ways of building an audience for your book while you are still writing it.
  • The importance of title and cover of a book
  • How you can differentiate yourself and stand out from other authors?
  • Tips for marketing a book

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