Juggling make time for art

There are two skills that I never thought I would have to perfect when I began living the life of a creative:

  1. Juggling
  2. Spinning Plates

It seems that having a background in circus performance might have been quite useful, but sadly I didn’t go to circus school. Instead, these are skills I’ve had to learn all by myself.

Okay, so there are times when I drop a ball, or a plate topples all the way down to the floor, but despite willingly taking on more and more plates and balls, somehow, for the most part, I keep managing… and I’m actually really enjoying the challenge of keeping so many things on the go.

The Benefits of Being a Busy Creative:

  1. I never get the chance to be bored
  2. Every day is a productive one, because it has to be
  3. I am forced to learn new skills that I really have no clue about

Aside from my own personal artwork, website and blog, my list of plates and balls include a lot of things for KITC as follows:

  1. Writing blog posts like this
  2. Writing Magazine Articles
  3. Writing and filming new videos
  4. Recording voice-overs
  5. Keeping up with Social Media
  6. Writing and recording Podcast episodes
  7. Editing Podcast episodes
  8. Coming up with new challenges
  9. Writing and editing a children’s book

These are just the things off the top of my head, but there are many more balls than that – and they all have deadlines!

Accountability Helps:

And of course, Tara has an equal number of balls and plates to manage. The great thing about Tara and I is that we seem to have different skills. Tara is really great at the ‘techy’ stuff and coming up with ideas. I am a ‘if we’re going to do it, let’s do it right now’ kind of a girl. Anyway, between us, it seems to work pretty perfectly, perhaps because we are accountable to each other.

If You Love it Enough, You Will Make it Work:

There was a time when I wondered how I managed to fit painting alone into my already busy life… after all, as well as everything that comes with managing a home and family, I still work 30 hours a week. Back then, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to add so much more to the list. But here I am and I’m not in a straight jacket yet!

What I have found is that I watch significantly less TV, which I honestly feel good about. I get up earlier than I used to and I use any spare time I have very wisely. I’ve had to learn to schedule a lot more effectively and stick to the plan.

I’ve never been so busy and yet I’ve never felt more fulfilled.

So, before you say ‘I don’t have time to draw/paint/write’ Ask yourself the questions… Do you love it enough? Do you want it badly enough? If the answer is yes, then you will make the time, even when you think you don’t have it.

Sandra x

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