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A while ago Sandra and I created a podcast all about How to Find Your Creative/Art Style. I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately, and what exactly an “Art Style” is. I’d love to hear your definition in the comments below.

For example, in our Facebook group, we have a lot of different artists, but with some, you immediately know work posted is theirs. So perhaps you could define that as their style? Even though putting your finger on exactly what makes you recognise it might be somewhat elusive. Sometimes they might post mixed media, sometimes a sketch, maybe a watercolour here. The subjects may vary too, especially if they are following our prompts. But, whatever it is you know it’s their work.

On the other hand, I tend to think of a “style” as a certain way of drawing or painting is done of a similar subject, by the same artist. It’s a bit like how Sandra’s style to me is to paint reflective objects. Often she paints with a very white background, although she has a darker background style too. I think perhaps they still sit well together because of the subject matter, the level of detail and medium. So perhaps that means that we can have an art style, but have variations of it?

Sandra Busby's Light Art Style

Sandra Busby’s Light Art Style

Sandra Busby's Dark Art Style

Sandra Busby’s Dark Art Style

Ultimately the reason artists have a so-called “style” is either because they just love creating in that manner, or because it makes their work more easily marketable, or both. Then, if someone buys a piece of their art, it’s probable that they’ll like their other work too.

But, to finally get to the title of this blog post, we know that writers often write under different pen names. This means that a writer can totally switch up their genre and the way they write without alienating their existing fans. In effect, they appear to be multiple authors. So my question is why don’t artists do this too (or do they. and I am just ignorant of the fact)?

So if you were going to have brush name/s, what would yours be and what type of work would that brush name persona create?

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